25 June 2008

FISA bad, Feingold good

FISA, Feingold, and a Filibuster?:
"It doesn't simply have the impact of potentially allowing telephone companies to break the law," Feingold said. "It may well prevent us from getting to the core issue, that I've challenged since December 2005, which is the president ran an illegal program I think that was essentially an impeachable offense."
I think the big story is ultimately not going to be that the telephone companies got immunity... it's that our personal conversations are now in a giant database somewhere over which we have no control.

23 June 2008

MSM economic coverage

Big Bump in Post's Budget Reporting: It Doesn't Add Up

From Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in his Beat the Press blog on TAP.

A critique of a WaPo article concerning, in part, budget and deficit numbers, projected and past.

The numbers tend toward uselessness, he says.

As does the WaPo site mark-up, sez I, off-topically. And serendip coincident surprise, somebody agrees:

the Post's website could be better
How's that for context-free quotation?