04 August 2009

Duelling North Korea experts

From an NPR Online NewsHour article on Bill Clinton's trip to North Korea.
B.R. Myers, an expert on the North's state ideology at the South's Dongseo University told Reuters that Clinton's visit allows the North to show its residents, who face deepening poverty, that the nuclear weapons program is making the outside world take it more seriously and the visit will be certain to be portrayed as tribute by the United States.


Yun Duk-min of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security in Seoul told Reuters the visit held out the possibility of a dramatic turnaround by North Korea that could lead to a new phase of negotiations.

Who to believe? You get no help from the NewsHour. Are either of the experts any more than far-left/right loons (universities and institutes are not immune, right?)? No help from Reuters, either. Trust Reuters to vet their quotees? Beats me.

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